Dignity and Choice Sought in Guardianship Alternative (Nevada)

Posted on January 30, 2018

A District Court judge is leading a team that will travel across Nevada looking to give power and dignity back to seniors and adults with disabilities who would otherwise be conscripted into guardianship.

Second Judicial District Judge Frances Doherty is spearheading the effort to fulfill a fundamental promise: the right to make choices in our own lives with the support of trusted family and friends.

The system of supported decision-making is being proposed as a less-restrictive alternative to traditional guardianship.

It maximizes independence and responsibility by allowing trusted supporters to help affected adults make life choices about housing, health care, education, employment and social matters.

Traditional guardianship doesn't allow you to make final decisions. Depending on the guardian, you may not get to make any decisions at all.

That makes the system ripe for the type of abuse exposed in our guardianship series...