Freedom for Ryan King

Posted on December 12, 2016

"In a landmark Court victory, Ryan King won the right to direct his own life, with the support of his family, finally free after 15 years under a guardianship he never needed. When Ryan turned 18, his parents were told they had to become his guardians in order for him to receive services from the District of Columbia. Even though they had raised Ryan to be independent, believed he could make his own decisions, and had always supported him to do so, they reluctantly agreed. But, Ryan and his family never stopped hoping that, one day, he would be legally free to make his own decisions, the same as every other citizen. Then, inspired by the “Justice for Jenny” case and the work of the Jenny Hatch Justice Project ( and the National Resource Center for Supported Decision-Making (, partnerships between Quality Trust for Individuals with Disabilities (QT) ( and the Burton Blatt Institute at Syracuse University (BBI) (, they decided to ask the Court to end Ryan’s guardianship."

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